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No More Suffering In Silence At Home Alone!

Would you like to join/support my project or advertise each other?

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This is the worlds first UK innovation a new social media for a replacement for apps like FaceBook, WhatsApp, Grindr!. It is a small startup so I will start small and keep it more local to me like Berkshire and where I live Bracknell. No ads! No fact-checking! and No more under the watchful eyes of specialised companies selling your information to scammers and advertisers.
In other words, No More Crap taking up your time.
One thing I am very passionate about is keeping children safe online so you do have to be 18 and above to use LucidChat.

Anton Paradise. CEO of and

It's 2022

THE BEST SOLUTIONS FOR OUR V.I.P's You are all VIP's to me ;)

It is time for you to join us all in the Matrix Rabbit Whole and have some fun!!!!!
Are you ready! ;)
Quick Notice before you dive in, when you go you will come to a signup page so you can use all the toys and have private rooms and so on.
Now the rules!
Over 18 only.
No Spamming
No Terrorism
No Violent Threats!
No Hacking!

No Doxxing
No Loli

No Underage Porn!
No Child Abuse!
No Animal Abuse!
Follow them rules and you will be happy forever!!!! ;)

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